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Dubai is a subsequent commercial enterprise destination many entrepreneurs and businessmen choose for commercial purposes. Furthermore, owing to great commercial openings, employee demand is also shooting up. Hence, many people around the globe are moving to UAE, especially since 2022 for a sophisticated lifestyle. Expats have to follow certain rules and regulations to get a resident visa or any other concerned visa in UAE. To apply for a visa MOFA attestation in Dubai is required and also a translation of certificates is required.

significance of translation services in UAEWhy translation of certificates is required for certificate attestation in Dubai?

In UAE, most of the officials in the head of Government bodies are Emiratis who speak Arab. Some Arabs speak English and Arab but are not familiar with many other languages in the world. Hence, for them, translation services in Dubai are required to read and understand the data mentioned in the certificate and documents. Government agencies provide attestation services in Dubai along with translation services. 

Different purposes of  Translation services

  1. Legal translation – It takes a lot of time, experience, language proficiency, and familiarity with legal jargon to translate a legal document. Translation of legal writings, including legislation, contracts, patents, wills, and other similar documents, is part of this duty. The nature of this work requires the use of a significant amount of legal terminology. Additionally, as papers obtained for Legal Translation in Dubai are later used in court proceedings, the original meaning must be retained. Both the source and target languages, as well as both countries’ legal systems, must be spoken and written fluently by the translator. 
  2. Medical Translation – In general, one of the most significant fields in the world nowadays is medicine. Medical translation is essential in helping healthcare professionals give patients who speak a different language the necessary care. To handle medical documents effectively, a medical translator needs to have extensive knowledge of medicine, pharmacology, and technology.
  3. Business translation –  Experience and accuracy are necessary for business communications with various nations. Your company must sell its products in various languages to a far wider range of audiences if it relies on direct customer interaction. The company’s potential for branding is built on a foundation of many different skills.
  4. Marketing translation – Marketing translations, on the other hand, necessitate far more imagination and elegance. At the very least, you want a more localized approach to guarantee that your material retains its tone and effect in all languages. You want to have the same impact on your audience as you have on your present demographic. 
  5. Website translation – Website translation services include the translation and localization of all content on your website, allowing it to reach a wider audience. Website translation, like legal and commercial translation, demands particular knowledge.
  6. Technical translation – Technical translation entails specific papers that are typically written by professionals with extensive knowledge. Translators in this field work with writings about the practical application of technical information or scientific research. Technological translation entails translating papers and content about scientific and technical areas. The major reason for requiring a technical translator or translation service is to acquire high-quality documentation work. A team of specialized translators will ensure that the document’s wording and tone are not altered, and that excellent work is produced. Attestation services in Dubai deliver high-quality and accurate translations of documents from experienced hands. 
  7. Literature translation – Literature translation is distinct from other types of translation. If actual accuracy to the original work is to be expected, the translator must understand the core of the text rather than just its precise interpretation. The distinction between a literary translation that is accurate and one that is effective is substantial. Based on the author’s intended meaning, a proper translation of literature will make the appropriate additions, subtractions, reformulations, and redefinitions.

Translation especially maintaining the accuracy of the meaning of the content is crucial to achieving your translation purposes. At Top Attest, we provide the best MOFA attestation in Dubai with genuine and reliable translations of documents and certificates.

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