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The government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has launched new guidelines for work permit renewals effective promptly. The new guidelines will also impose an impact on job title amendments. Let us go through why this is vital, what the new guidelines are all about, and how they will knock migrant workers.
The UAE Government aims to rectify the inaccurate numbers by creating more possibilities for employment and establishing avenues for the population of the Emirates not only in the private sector but also in skilled jobs. The latest guidelines regarding work permit renewals and certificate attestation in UAE were put in place as part of this program

Past Guidelines for Work Permit Renewals

The preceding work permit rules were not as sophisticated. It was a piece of cake for companies to employ a professional labor force of migrant workers. The workers had it easy too. They had no objection to changing the job title based on which they had been granted a work visa at the time of renewal of their work permit.

The guidelines were undemanding.

  1. Renewal of work permit: There were no obligations on the applicants to hold their last work title when renewing the work permit; however, the new job title did not blend with the latest occupation list.
  2. Job title discrepancies: Earlier, inconsistency between job titles in employment and immigration files was a scarcity. Different government departments worked in collaboration with each other and adhered to the same guidelines.
  3. Educational Certificates: Previously, the necessity to submit proof of academic qualification was insubstantial to two situations only, that is for new work permits and when switching job titles to a position requiring a precise educational qualification. The Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) did not order the submission of academic certificates to renew the work permit or other labor-related proceedings like reconstructing salary information.

Degree Certificate Attestation for UAE

One of the most important requisites to gather a desirable work visa in the UAE is the Degree Certificate Attestation for the UAE. The degree certificate is a pivotal educational certificate that will be required for various aspects including higher education and employment. To be certain that the submitted degree certificate is genuine, the UAE stipulates attestation of the same by proficient authorities. It is a long procedure task involving various departments and ministries. However, an unattested document is not considered valid for applying for a job, higher education, visa, or any other purpose that would be rejected immediately.

The mode of operation involved in Degree Certificate Attestation in Dubai :

  1.  Attestation is initiated at the university in the home country, that has granted the document. The concerned authority will assess the certificates, compare them with the records held, and put the sign and seal of attestation. The other way is to retrieve notarization from an authorized public notary.
  2.  The degree certificate attested by the university and HRD has to be carried forward to the Ministry of External Affairs/ the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of origin.
  3.  The certificate should be submitted to the embassy after the attestation and the MOFA in the UAE undertakes the final attestation on the degree certificate.

The Influence on Work Permit Renewals

Resumption of work permit

The employers will need to alter the job title while renewing the work permit of their employee in case a job title is not on the list of the occupational classification scheme. Employers must choose a job title that suits the foreign national employee’s educational qualifications. A certified copy must be provided with the application before the renewal of the work visa, as the occupational classification scheme demands an attested education certificate for a job

The new guidelines are stringent regarding the discrepancy in the job titles. In case an inconsistency exists, then the employers are asked to pay a fee to the government, and the foreign nationals are barred from overseas travel until the visa sticker is up to date on their passport. For hassle-free work permit renewals, we help you get your degree certificates attested quickly.


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