Affidavit is that document that describes a formal oath by an individual about one’s consent and will to state something like their duty or obligation towards a matter, documents and their legitimacy etc., all of which are voluntary. If required, one may be obliged to testify that the information contained in it are true to the best of their knowledge. At times, it may be required to be signed officially by the attorney which may exempt one to appear before a court.

More often, when an affidavit is being used abroad or at banks, it requires it to be attested. Furthermore, any violation of the statements underlined in an affidavit can be treated as a case of perjury and is a punishable offense. Affidavits can be a statement of authenticity of the several other civil documents like an attested Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate etc. which may be attached along with them and the process of attestation of an affidavit requires the following documents:

  • Original affidavit certificate
  • Photocopy of the affidavit certificate
  • Photocopy of Passport
  • Colour Photographs
  • Address Proofs

The process of attestation usually goes through the following offices in sequence: 
1. Notary
2. Home Department
3. Ministry of External Affairs
4. U.A.E Embassy in the respective countries

The attested documents are subsequently delivered to the customer. Since it requires a lot more information and knowledge on the process to be sought from our executives, we highly recommend that you take their guidance and advice before you proceed.

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