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UAE is the foremost world’s hub for business, career and higher education. UAE offers a mesmerising habitat to live and you get an attractive pay if you choose to take up a career. As a result, UAE has ranked as the fifth-international migrant stock in the world. It is one among the top list countries where people choose to start a business, since the country is tax-free. UAE is a notably emerging nation for various commercial and economical activities. This has drawn countless new businesses, and entrepreneurs to the nation in search of better economic opportunities. With the hike in migration, UAE visa issuing and attestation purposes has increased largely. For the swift and hassle-free processing of Visa, you can choose TopAttest, the best attestation services in Dubai.

Best Attestation Services Dubai

Why prefer attestation services in UAE?

Aside from the prolonged and tedious procedures of document attestation, involved in the UAE foreign affairs attestation, experts of attestation services in UAE also cater to the swift processing of Attestation. We are the leading and most-recommended certificate attestation service provider in Dubai. Our well-qualified and professional team can help you get your certificates attested feasible and economically. Through certificate attestation, it proves your authenticity. Regardless of the purpose- economical, commercial or non-commercial, we provide attestation services in Dubai at your door-step. There are specific procedures for attestation that start in your home country.

Steps incorporated for Document attestation

  • Notary attestation – It is initially attested by Notary to prove the authenticity of the certificate.
  • HRD – HRD attestation is a process carried out by the state’s HRD department. HRD attestation is a legalisation procedure used to verify the authenticity of an educational document.
  • MEA- Then certificates are attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  • Embassy Attestation- UAE Embassy in your home country attest the certificates.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs – Finally, UAE MOFA attest your certificate and it is a foremost certificate attestation in UAE.

Degree Certificate attestation

     If you are looking forward to a career opportunity, degree certificate attestation is mandatory. Degree certificate is relevant because it will represent and prove your authenticity. For a degree certificate attestation, an original degree certificate is necessary. The validity of the attestation differs depending on the country that offered it. As soon as you obtain certificate attestation, your certificate is valid everywhere in the country where you intend to use it. Once attested, it has the same weightage of certificate as in your country. For UAE Embassy attestation, attestation of HRD of corresponding state is required. Attested degree certificate can help you get a family Visa easily.

Birth certificate attestation

   Birth certificate provides crucial information regarding your birth country and date. It is one of the most significant certificates and its legalisation is mandatory in the UAE, for various purposes. You can obtain document attestation from your home country. You can either step-in yourselves or hire a professional for certificate attestation in Dubai. The process is intricate and it may consume time if you are not dealing with it the right way. A professional is well-versed with procedures and loop-holes to get it certified right and quickly. 

Marriage certificate attestation

  If you want to bring your spouse to UAE, you have to sponsor a visa and for that you have to get your marriage certificates attested. Marriage Certificate is initially attested in the country where you are officially married. Even if you have already had it attested by the UAE embassy in your country, you must get it attested by the MOFA in the UAE. MOFA attestation is the final step. Our enthusiastic team can help you get your marriage certificate attestation in Dubai

MOFA Attestation

 If you are interested in migrating to the UAE temporarily or permanently, you need to get a visa and your documents attested through MOFA . MOFA attestation is the final and mandatory procedure for an UAE Visa and it proves that documents produced are genuine and it is the ultimate legalisation procedure. MOFA attestation can be exhibited quickly, if all the documents produced are genuine. The documents required depend on the type of Visa or the purpose of visit. A passport and original copy of the documents are required for certificate attestation in Dubai.

Apostille Attestation 

The Apostille is a type of attestation in which certificates are authenticated in a form that is acceptable in all countries that are signatories to the Hague Convention. An Apostille is required for educational certificates such as degree certificate attestation, diploma certificate, school certificate (high school certificate, higher secondary certificate, transfer certificate (TC), and personal documents such as birth certificate, marriage certificate, divorce certificate, death certificate,educational certificate etc., We have connections with apostille attestation professionals of different countries and you can blind trust us for reliable services.

UAE Embassy attestation

The Government of UAE requires UAE Embassy attestation from the UAE Embassy of home country to get MOFA attestation. UAE Embassy attestation is mandatory for all educational, professional and personal documents emanating from India.

Other Documents attestation

 Depending on the purpose of Migration, documents required for attestation may vary. Whatever the purpose or whatever the documents, we can provide complete support 24×7 at your door-steps.

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