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Dreaming of a fresh start in Canada?  For UAE residents aiming to work in their chosen profession, obtaining a positive evaluation from World Education Services (WES) Canada is a crucial step in the immigration process. WES Canada assesses the equivalency of your international educational credentials to Canadian standards.  This blog post, brought to you by Top Attest, serves as your comprehensive guide, breaking down the WES Canada evaluation process specifically for UAE residents.


Top Attest: Your Partner in Streamlining WES Canada Evaluation

Top Attest understands the importance of a smooth WES Canada evaluation for UAE residents pursuing their Canadian dreams. We offer document attestation and translation services, simplifying the process and ensuring your application meets all the requirements.

Throughout this guide, we’ll highlight areas where Top Attest can support your WES Canada evaluation journey.

Step 1: Research and Eligibility Check

Before diving in, ensure your credentials qualify for the WES Canada evaluation.  Visit their website (https://www.wes.org/ca/) and explore the “How it Works” section.  Here, you can determine if your degree, diploma, or certificate falls under WES Canada’s scope of evaluation.

Tip: Pay close attention to specific requirements for UAE educational institutions.  WES Canada might request additional documents depending on your program and university.  Top Attest can help you understand these nuances and ensure you gather all necessary documents.

Step 2: Create a WES Account

Once the eligibility is confirmed, the next step is to create an account on the WES Canada website.  This allows you to track your application progress and access important documents electronically.

Step 3: Choose Your Evaluation Service

WES Canada offers various evaluation services.  For immigration purposes, most applicants choose the “Canadian Immigration (ECA)” service.

Tip: Double-check the specific requirements for your Canadian immigration program.  Some programs might require a different WES Canada service.

Step 4: Gather Your Documents

This is where the WES services in UAE play a key role! They help in gathering the necessary documents and check and verify all the documents. Here’s a breakdown of the essential documents you’ll need:

  • Official Transcripts: Request official transcripts directly from your UAE university. Ensure the transcripts are issued in English or French. If not, you’ll need certified translations (more on that later).
  • Degree/Diploma Certificates: Original or certified copies of your degree/diploma certificates are required. Again, ensure English or French translations if necessary.
  • Course Descriptions (Optional): While not mandatory, including detailed course descriptions from your university program can strengthen your evaluation.
  • Additional Documents (if applicable): Depending on your program or university, WES Canada might request additional documents like letters of explanation or verification.

Attestation services in Dubai can verify the authenticity of your educational documents issued in the UAE, saving you valuable time and ensuring their acceptance by WES Canada.

Step 5: Document Translation Services (if needed)

If your original documents are not in English or French, you’ll need certified translations. WES Canada has a list of approved translators on their website.  Alternatively, you can utilize translation services accredited by the Canadian embassy in the UAE.

Document attestation services assist in professional translation services for educational documents, ensuring accuracy and adherence to WES Canada’s requirements.  Our translations are certified by Canadian authorities, eliminating any worries about acceptance.

Step 6: Submit Your Application and Pay Fees

Once all the required documents are collected, the next step is to submit the application electronically through your WES Canada account.  The application fee varies depending on the service you choose.  Payment methods typically include credit cards and debit cards.

Tip:  WES Canada offers a fee reduction program for low-income applicants.  Check their website for eligibility criteria. 

Step 7: Track Your Application and Receive Results

WES Canada typically processes applications within 30-35 business days.  You can track the progress within your online account and also the WES services in UAE give you updates. Upon completion, WES Canada will send your Electronic Credential Assessment Report (ECAR) directly to the Canadian immigration authorities you designated.

Congratulations!  A positive WES Canada evaluation brings you one step closer to your Canadian immigration goals. 

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