What are the different situation a birth certificate attestation is required for an Ex-pat?

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Many are moving to UAE owing to the plethora of exciting and exclusive factors that welcomes ex-pats around the globe. A large percentage of ex-pats in UAE include Indians and Pakistanis. It is worth living in UAE and experiencing different cultures. A large percentage move to Dubai for employment and commercial purposes since Dubai is a Global hub for commercial purposes. MOFA attestation in Dubai is an important criterion to get permitted to UAE for any purpose.

A range of steps is associated with MOFA attestation which is initiated from your home country. Different certificates and documents are attested depending on the purpose of migration. One such important certificate is a Birth Certificate. A birth Certificate is a legal record of where a particular person is born and who his or her parents are. However, let’s check into the different situation that calls for Birth certificate attestation.

  1. Migrating to UAE – If you are migrating to UAE for commercial or educational or employment purposes, you need to get your birth certificates attested through MOFA attestation in Dubai. It boosts your certificate’s credibility and it proves that you are born in that particular country. It provides you with more opportunities and you have higher chances of getting your requests for different applications in UAE accepted.
  2. Apply for Visa – If you are applying for a visa in Dubai or sponsoring a visa for your family, you need birth certificate attestation. You can sponsor your friends, relatives, and family if you have a good income and have your certificates attested. If you feel the attestations are strenuous, you can approach MOFA attestation services for quick and economical certificate attestation in Dubai.
  3. Application for School Admission – The student’s birth certificate is necessary if you want to enrol your child in schools in UAE. The student’s birth certificate is typically requested by schools and educational institutions as one of the necessary paperwork for registration. This is used to confirm their nationality, as well as to serve as proof of their identity and age.
  4. Getting a UAE driving license – Getting a UAE driving license is a very strenuous process. Only a proficient driver could get a UAE driving license and hence it is valid in 50-plus countries. Usually, to get a driving license it requires only a passport, ID cards, photographs, no objection letter, and eye test reports. But for expats, an attested birth certificate is considered as a source to verify identification details. When applying for a driver’s license, it’s best to have your original birth certificate on hand in case it’s required for verification.
  5. Getting Married – If you’re getting married in the UAE, you’ll need your birth certificate to prove your identity. Furthermore, it may be necessary to further authenticate your existing marriage certificate. Since the marriage certificate is important for legal purposes, it must be completely verified, and your birth certificate can assist in this. If you need a visa change after the attested birth certificate will become mandatory. Birth certificate needed to be authorized through UAE Embassy attestation.
  6. Obtaining a Passport – If you are living in UAE and your child is born in UAE, then to apply for a Passport and Visa you require a Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation for birth certificate. This is highly beneficial for school and college admissions.
  7. For employment – Though a birth certificate doesn’t play a role in the selection procedure in recruitment it will definitely help to increase a person’s credibility.

However, since it is used to boost the credibility of certificates it is associated with a sequence of procedures. It may take upto 7 days to a couple of weeks if you are not moving through the correct path. However, Top Attest is a reliable service provider of MOFA attestation in Dubai providing attestation services at affordable packages.

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