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Indian certificates and documents mandatorily be completely certified before being recognized in the UAE. Planning to settle or gather education in the UAE and you possess your certificates from India. All you need is to retrieve attested documents for employment, residence, or student visa

The UAE invites foreign nationals to live and pursue their goals here. However, verification of documents and certificates is vital for the safety and security of the nation and its residents.

If you want to sustain, work, or pursue education in the UAE, Indian birth certificates, marriage certificates, and degree certificates are pivotal. Legal papers of people from other nations must be subjected to the attestation process.

Before the Ministry of Foreign Affairs attestation in the UAE, a complete Indian Government verification is mandatory. Documents that are not verified may lead to stringent procedures for making large purchases, applications to schools or universities, applying for employment visas, and real estate renting. Subsequently, it can also interfere with various immigration protocols. Therefore, it becomes an important guideline for those residing in the UAE to possess the requisite certificates

Pre requisite Certificates for educational certificate attestation include:

  • Original Certificate
  • Original mark-sheet
  • Passport copy
  • Visa Copy
  • Authorization letter
  • Degree Copy
  • HSC certificate

The attestation process is carried out immediately after all requirements are retrieved. It is the sole responsibility of Benchmark Attestation to carry out all the legal protocols from the beginning until the end of the legalization process.

With globalization, the UAE has transformed itself into a hub of career, academic, and leisure opportunities. There has always been an increased requirement for skilled manual resources throughout the UAE, and immigrants search for several reasons to travel, for work opportunities, higher studies, or permanent residency. However, moving to the UAE demands the individual to first attest all the requisite documents, which can be propagated easily with the aid of attestation services. The requirements may be diverse based on the needs of an individual but generally include various types of certificate attestations.

Certificate attestation is a protocol that is used to witness the authenticity and accuracy of legal documents to ensure the credibility of your certificates. It is mandatory for career opportunities, business purposes, leisure opportunities, or any personal reasons for moving to the UAE

Certificate attestation can be classified into the following –

  • Educational certificate attestation
  • Non-educational attestation
  • Commercial certificate attestation

Educational Certificate Attestation

For an Educational Certificate Attestation to be carried out, one needs to contact the requisite education department of the state that granted the certificate. Educational certificate attestation is required to witness your diploma certificates, degree certificates, SSLC certificates, and HSC certificates.

Non- Educational certificate attestation

Non-educational certificate attestation is reserved for both personal and professional certificates. All you have to do is contact the Home Affairs Department or another relevant state department from where the certificate was initially granted. This kind of attestation includes verification of birth certificates, death certificates, marriage certificates, transfer certificates, and experience certificates.

Attestation Services in Dubai

One can easily locate a reliable and trustworthy attestation service in the UAE. When getting your legal papers attested before the big move, you need to ensure that your papers are all legally verified.
At Benchmark Attestation Services, with experienced agents and global connections, the entire procedure can be expedited and help you get your documents properly attested in no time.

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