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Being the world leader, USA has their prominence in all areas that concern the people around the world.  Like people from most other global powers hosted by U.A.E and the GCC as a whole, they have their fair shares of residents who are either the citizens of the USA or those nationals from other countries who hold various academic or industrial credentials which have originated in the states. Numerous of these documents which have originated in the USA are required to be produced before the respective authorities in the UAE or other countries in the GCC on matters pertaining to employment, entrepreneurship, and residency and for other formal or legal purposes.

However, like those documents from most other foreign countries, all of these documents too are required to be attested by various foreign and local offices, before they are ready for acceptance for local use in the U.A.E and most of the GCC.  Attestation of American documents is a tedious practice and it requires the right deal of expertise and consultation to proceed with them. We pride ourselves in being one of the go to agents in the region in this regard.

Like what has been discussed above, we serve Academic, Civil and Commercial Documents from the USA that may cater to the citizens of the USA as well as those from other countries who hold certificates or businesses in the USA. Below is a brief list of documents that we deal in:-

Academic Certificates

  • University Degree Certificates
  • College Diploma Certificates
  • Vocational Qualifications Certificates
  • Transcript Certificates

Civil Documents

  • Birth Certificates
  • Marriage Certificates
  • Divorce Certificates
  • Death Certificates
  • Good Standing Certificates
  • Certificate of Origin

Commercial Certificates

  • Power of Attorney
  • Company Board Resolutions
  • Commercial Agreements
  • Commercial Invoices
  • Company Articles of Incorporation

The attestation of these documents usually goes through the following stages in sequence:-

  1. Translation of documents (if required) from USA
  2. Verification of the documents by the Notary Public in the respective region in the USA
  3. Authentication by the Secretary of the State of the concerned state in the USA
  4. Apostilling by the Department of state, USA
  5. Attestation at the UAE Embassy, Washington DC, U.S.A
  6. Legalization by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.A.E or the concerned country in the GCC

The entire process goes through our standard norms of collect, process and deliver model and you may choose your mode of services as Regular, Express or Premium. As we have our partners stationed at all regions in the USA, you do not need to worry about the ways we would operate inside the states and you may always keep a track of the status of the document using a pre-issued tracking number.

As the process of the attestation of the American Documents as a whole is a bit complex, it’s always recommended that you seek the advice of one of our experts and have a clear overview of the stages involved, before you proceed with the process.

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