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Are you from the UK and planning to move to UAE, then the mandatory process for migration includes visa processing and UK attestation? You can avail UK certificate attestation services from professionals for fast and reliable services. When relocating to a new country, you must usually consider what type of visa you will require; the UAE is no exception. If you want to work in Dubai, apply for a work visa at the appropriate forums or seek professional assistance to complete the paperwork quickly. Dubai is regarded as the best place to make a good living. There are various types of work visas, and individuals must apply for the best ones. Contact Top Attest professionals who can assist you in obtaining a work visa at a low cost.

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To work in the emirate, you must have a residency visa as well as a work permit (evidence of employment). The first step in obtaining a Dubai work permit before moving to the UAE is to find work. As your sponsor, it will then be your employer’s responsibility to apply for the work permit and residency visa on your behalf. Once a permit is obtained, the process begins. After that, the ex-pat can enter the country and stay for two months. The employer will then be responsible for completing medical testing, stamping the work residency permit on their employee’s passport, and obtaining a UAE Resident Identity and Labour Card. 

It is possible to enter Dubai with a visitor visa, such as a visa on arrival or a tourist visa, and then find work and have your prospective employer sponsor you while you are there. However, you cannot guarantee that you will get a job, and you will be unable to work until your visa is approved and also the certificates are attested. You can avail UK attestation services in Dubai for attesting your UK certificates and documents.

Health insurance should be provided by the employer to the employee. It is the sponsor’s responsibility to provide some form of basic coverage. However, if you want or need more coverage, or if you are not yet employed in the emirate, you should consider a local, compliant international health insurance plan.

Time Required for Visa Processing

Although the UAE government does not specify a recommended time for processing a Dubai work visa, it is commonly between two to seven working days for the entry permit. You will be able to enter the country and live in the city for two months as a result of this. Your employer will then have 60 days to complete the remaining aspects of your application. There will also be security checks, which can take some time.

Documents Required

  • Completion of the application form in line with the guidelines
  • Attachment of the applicant’s original passport, as well as a copy of it
  • Different passport photos
  • A copy of the appointment letter from the company
  • Medical certificates
  • Entry permit provided by the Ministry of Labour
  • Proof of application fee payment

Certain other documents are required to complete the application. Let’s examine the specifics of the additional paperwork required for a work visa.

  • The applicable employment agreement with the Dubai-based company.
  • A copy of the applicant’s marriage certificate, birth certificate, and all other academic documents.
  • The actual documentation from Dubai, along with a copy of the lease.
  • Suitable documentation demonstrating the applicant’s financial resources in Dubai. 

Medical Tests Required for a Work Visa

Certain medical tests including blood tests and X-rays are mandatory to apply for a work visa. The tests will determine whether you have HIV, hepatitis A, B, and C, tuberculosis, leprosy, or syphilis and whether you are pregnant. Although HIV, leprosy, and tuberculosis tests are required, the others may be applicable only in certain types of work. Hepatitis tests will be administered to babysitters, nursery and kindergarten employers, domestic assistants, hairdressers, and those employed in health clubs and restaurants. Babysitters, employers of nurseries and kindergartens, domestic helpers, and those working in health clubs and food establishments like cafes and restaurants will all be subjected to syphilis testing. Pregnancy tests will be performed on women who work as babysitters, household helpers, or drivers.

To process visa applications swiftly, attestation of documents is necessary and you can contact the delegates of Top Attest for the best UK attestation services.

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