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Like the various personal documents, the commercial documents originating from a foreign country requires to be officially attested and legalized for acceptance in another country.  By commercial documents we mean those documents created for commercial reasons, which might be required to be made valid for use in a foreign country. It can mean those documents of a business entity based in the U.A.E to be used in a foreign country and vice versa. These are particularly useful to those multinational organizations seeking to produce and declare details like ownership, details of properties, assets, liabilities etc. of their entities in one country before another.

Some of their purposes are:

To open a new branch of a business in a foreign country

For international Trade

To open new bank account in a foreign country

To register or renew any property or vehicle

A few of the documents that we often deal with are as follows:

Power of Attorney,

Certificate of Origin


Articles of Association

Memorandum of Association

Board Resolution

Shareholder’s Resolution

Shareholder’s Register

Special Power of Attorney etc

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