WES is an acronym for World Education Services and is a form of educational assessment. This educational assessment compares your country’s academic credentials to another country’s equivalent grade system. Our experienced team cater to the all needs of the WES verification and attestation process including WES Indian University, WES UK University, WES USA University, and WES Australian University. 

WES Verification and assessment process

For those migrating to foreign nations like Australia, Ireland, Russia, Portugal, Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, the UK, or the USA, the WES verification and attestation process is crucial. If you completed your studies at a foreign university, the WES document evaluation is not required. The TopAttest team helps applicants obtain university verification for World Education Services (WES) from institutions in India and other nations, including the UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the UK, the USA, and Australia. To complete the WES verification process, we can help with obtaining university transcripts from the appropriate universities. 

Importance of WES

World Education Services (WES) is an organization that evaluates credentials for individuals who want to study or work in Canada or the United States or any other foreign country. WES assists students and job seekers by analysing and certifying their educational qualifications. WES attestation is a difficult task since you must approach different departments, ministries, and embassies. As a result, it is always advisable to seek the assistance of reputable certificate attestation services in the UAE. 

Procedures of WES 

To help you and give full support throughout the procedure and learn more about the procedure, do contact our office. Our highly skilled and qualified team assist and guide you through the complete WES procedure and give you vital information about the required documents. Once you have obtained the relevant information for the WES process,

  1. Submit the relevant University documentation and WES forms to the nearest Top Attest office.
  2. Pay as soon as possible, either at the counter, at a bank, or through an online transaction.
  3. Our skilled document procurement team will create an application packet and guide it through the necessary workflow from the source institutions or universities.
  4. Finally, the verification report’s sealed envelope will be delivered to the WES centre.

Universities will send it directly to the WES office and will not send or transfer it over to applicants or agencies. Some universities will transmit or give over the verification report to candidates or agencies, which must then be forwarded to the WES office for further processing. 

Duration of WES Verification Procedure

The time it takes to complete the WES process varies with each university. Typically, the process takes between 15 and 45 working days to complete. We can also help you complete the process as fast as possible.

Documents Required for WES services.

The documents supplied to the WES verification procedure are tailored to the requirements of the university or country you are planning to migrate to. All documents submitted to the WES are issued by a recognised university. 

TopAttest is the leading attestation service in Dubai offering all kinds of attestation services for different nations for educational and non-educational certificates. We offer WES for all nations at affordable prices and complete procedures in minimal time.

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