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Attestation of French Documents in the UAE: Procedures and Importance

France is yet another developed country and a global commercial centre that has often had its influence on the rest of the world. France being a former imperialist power has a large number of former colonies in the Middle East and Africa with whom they share constructive relationships even today. Furthermore, the fact that an adequate number of these countries have Arabic as their first language has even cemented their ties with the U.A.E. This way, a large number of them who are native Arabs and have migrated to France owing to their ancestry and other bilateral ties with France have moved to the U.A.E too over time, along with a proportion of native French population or other people like those with academic qualifications from France.

Like other countries, French Documents like the Degree Certificates, Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Marriage Certificates and Commercial Documents etc. also require to pass through the various stages of attestation, before they are accepted in the U.A.E. Although France fall under the Hague Conventions and their documents can be apostilled, since the U.A.E does not belong to the convention, all of them are to be attested at various foreign offices to make them legitimate for use in the U.A.E. Like that of most countries, the attested documents are required towards attaining residency with the desired  designation, admission to schools, dependant visas, to invest into properties, to start a new business etc.

Sequence of Attestation Offices for French Documents

  1. Notary Public
  2. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, France
  3. A.E Embassy, Paris
  4. Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.A.E

 We request you to shoot your enquiries to us over email, phone or chat for one of our executives to offer you the appropriate guidance for your specific requirement. You do not have to run the hassle of physically visiting us to have yourself served. We collect process and deliver to you as per our standard modes of operations and we have our allies centred at various parts of France to act on our behalf when the documents reach there.

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