Indian Certificate Attestation Service

/Indian Certificate Attestation Service

The majority amongst the expatriate population in the UAE consists of Indians, hence the demand for Indian certificate attestation service is also at peak. As the local government does not accept unattested documents originated in India, Indians/holders of certificates issued in India seek legal assistance and expert intervention in order to have these documents recognized and to be used officially in UAE. The service also applies to those enrolled at an educational institution affiliated to the Universities and educational boards in India.

At Top Attest, we aim at offering reliable and efficient services at highly competitive rates. Comprised of trained and well-experienced service advisors, we understand the varied challenges customers face due to the continuous amendment in the laws and seek to ease the process by facilitating you with advice throughout your Indian certificate attestation journey. As our all terms and transaction processes are transparent and straightforward, with us you can be assured of no hidden charges along the way. To learn more, feel free to get in touch with us.

Indian Certificate Attestation Service

Why Attest Your Indian Educational Documents in the UAE?

As an Indian resident in UAE, there will be multiple documents that you may have to attest, in order for you to use them. These include attestation of academic, civil and commercial documents which need to be made valid in order to be used for various purposes including the following:

  • Qualifying to an employment in a specific area
  • Issuing employment visa with the desired designation
  • Consular Services
  • Processing the Residency
  • MOH/DOH Examinations
  • Admissions to School or Universities
  • Sponsoring dependent visas
  • Business Setups and Banking
  • Claiming Insurance

Step Involved in Indian Certificate Attestation

There are several well-established educational institutions across GCC affiliated with Universities and educational boards based in India. Hence, the certificates issued by these schools and universities will also fall under the same category and would require to be attested in India despite being located in the UAE. There are a few steps conducted in order to attest the Indian certificate and they are as follows:


Attestation by the Notary Public in India


Attestation by the home department


Ministry of External Affairs present in India


A.E Embassy/Indian Consulate present in India


MOFA present in UAE

As each document might entail a separate process, which will vary with time, we highly recommend consulting with our Service Advisors’ before proceeding. They will guide you through the process and provide you with detailed information on each step. You may choose one of our modes of services (Regular, Premium or Express) depending on your requirement and easily track the progress.

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