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A marriage certificate is an important document providing legal validation to the relationship between two individuals. It includes a detailed account of the ceremony, such as the couple’s name, place and time of marriage. However, in the UAE, it is mandatory to approve the mentioned details through marriage certificate attestation. Top Attest is a leading provider of attestation services of documents from various countries such as the USA, the U.K., Canada, the European Union, India, Australia, South Asian Countries, and more.

Our team of professionals is knowledgeable and highly experienced in providing a hassle-free marriage certificate attestation in Dubai. We are a trusted firm popular for providing reliable attestation services by following the complete, accurate procedure involving multiple official departments. Through our timely services, we ensure that our clients don’t face any delays in the legal process. You can consult our experts, who are adept at advising the suitable service for you as per your requirement.

Importance of Marriage Certificate Attestation

The UAE law has prescribed various provisions and privileges for the individuals involved in the marital associations. Marriage certificates issued by any governmental bodies need attestation to officially authorize the relationship and entitle them to the following benefits:

  • A dependant visa.
  • Claim on properties and wealth.
  • Healthcare.
  • Avail of children’s passports.
  • Adding a spouse’s name on the passport.
  • Perks offered to their children by the government or their employer.
  • Maternity or paternity provisions.
  • Divorces.

Steps Involved in Marriage Certificate Attestation

A legal marriage certificate is provided by the government department in the individual’s home country. Marriage certificate attestation for UAE comprises a specific procedure involving the following governmental departments and ministries:


Attestation by the Home Department in the country of its origin


Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign/External Affairs in the home country


Formal verification by the UAE Embassy in the home country


Attestation by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the UAE

About Our Service

As the customers’ requirements for completing the process may vary in urgency, you can avail of our Regular, Premium, and Super Express services at highly competitive rates. Through our free pick and drop service, we offer a cost-effective and hassle-free attestation of your document. Right from document collection to delivering it back to you, we handle the document with immense care to preserve it without any damage. Our skilled professionals are ready to assist you anytime over the phone, by emails, or through our various social media accounts. Our years of experience have helped us perform marriage certificate attestation of documents issued in any part of the world with immense precision.

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