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Diploma certificates are a lower class of academic qualifications, which as the degree certificates are not recognized for the candidates to be hired and designated for the trade that they have been hired to or for your potential employment commitments, without a formal authorisation by the local government. The procedures for the attestation of the Diploma Certificates are largely identical to that of the degree certificates with a few minor variations. Diploma Certificates also require to be approved by Ministry of Foreign Affairs eventually.

The attestation usually goes through the following phases:

  1. Collection of the following documents from the clients at their places of choices, free of cost:-
  • The original Diploma Certificate
  • The passport copy of the certificate holder
  • The client’s authorization letter to us to handle the process on the client’s behalf
  1. Immediate dispatch of those documents to the country of its origin through our partnered courier services to be received by our partners in those countries
  2. Pass the document through the following bodies for their verification and attestation in the home country
  • Notarisation
  • Ministry of External/Foreign Affairs
  • UAE Embassy in the home country
  • This document thus collected shall be duly sent back to our office, which will be sent further to the Ministry Of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) in the U.A.E for a final verification and attestation
  1. The attested document will be delivered to your door free of any delivery charges, but the final quoted service charges

We cover close to 100 different countries and their certificates to cater to clients from across the globe, which excludes those countries or conditions which we have not served in the past, which however, may be included based on the customers’ demands.

The stipulated time to deliver the final stamped document is subjective and dependent on the mode of service chosen (which may vary as Regular, Premium and Express services), the country or the document.

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