A guide for British expats migrating to UAE

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A guide for British expats migrating to UAE

UAE is a tax-free nation and a global hub for tourism and trading. Every industry in Dubai is controlled by 80% of expats. Dubai provides great employment opportunities with zero tax. Since the outbreak of Covid-19, many British expats migrated to the UAE in search of better employment. Migrating to Dubai for a better career with family is very satisfying from the perspective of British expats. All you need is a Visa and UK certificate attestation for your certificates and documents for migrating. This blog is a guide for those who are migrating to UAE from the UK. 


Firstly, UAE is a tax-free nation and what you earn is completely yours. Apart from that, UAE is the home to mesmerizing multilevel buildings including Burj Khalifa, the biggest building in the world. With a reasonable cost of living, it offers international-level education, high-end healthcare, and global work culture. It is a combination of a sophisticated lifestyle combined with the serenity and beauty of beaches and man-made structures. They pay value to Islamic culture and provide freedom for European culture concurrently. 

Every year, almost 1.5 million British citizens travel to the UAE. You can typically count on earning a high wage as a British expat in Dubai, which will allow you access to many amenities. UAE, on the other hand, is a Muslim nation. Compared to the UK, the laws and customs are quite different. Always show respect for the locals’ traditions, customs, laws, and beliefs. Moreover, they give severe punishment to the people who disrespect their rules and regulations.


You can either move to Dubai in search of a job with a visit visa or get recruited by a company in UAE and then migrate with an employment visa. However, in both cases, issuing visas include certain rules and regulation. Before the Visa application, UK certificate attestation in Dubai is necessary. It includes certain steps and the final step is the mandatory MOFA attestation in Dubai. To boost your credibility in the recruitment process, Degree certificate attestation in UAE plays a vital role. 

While opportunities for British expats were plentiful in Dubai until roughly 2009, there has been a slight slowdown afterward as the emirate transitions to a ‘post-oil’ knowledge-based economy. There are still lots of jobs available, particularly in banking, energy, and construction, but it’s advisable to secure a position before moving, especially for high-level positions. The work environment in Dubai is highly professional, and your coworkers will be well-educated and capable professionals, particularly in large corporations. You may also find yourself with higher pay and more benefits. Working hours are typically nine hours per day or 47 per week, and you will be eligible for 22 days of annual leave. You will, however, need to adjust to Dubai’s public holidays, which occur approximately 14 days every year.

You can find employment offers in Dubai on a variety of websites, including GulfTalent, Dubai Jobs, and Dubai Careers.  The simplest and most popular choice is to get in touch with a hiring agency.


Your UK health insurance will probably not be transferred to Dubai because UAE and the UK do not have reciprocal healthcare arrangements. Before traveling to the UAE, it is beneficial to purchase travel and medical insurance that meets your demands. All people in Dubai have access to private hospitals. Local hospitals could not be accessible to you unless you obtain a health card from the Department of Health and Medical Services; Nevertheless, these cards are typically given to staff members with low income. 

UAE is renowned for having many top-notch hospitals, medical professionals, and facilities that are up to worldwide standards. They even have the amazing Dubai Healthcare City, which is exactly what it sounds like: a medical complex the size of a city.

Hope the above details will help you in your journey. However, don’t fall into the scams of employment and visa providers. We, Top Attest provide the best and most reliable UK certificate attestation at an affordable price.  We also provide door-to-door pick-up and delivery of certificates for attestation.

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