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As the UAE is regulated by stringent laws, only an experienced provider of visa service in Dubai can assist you in gaining the appropriate visa type you need. Being a popular destination fantasized by people worldwide, the UAE offers varied visa types defined to permit and regulate immigrants’ stay in the country. The various visas, such as family visa in UAE, carry a certain validity and criteria to be allowed into the country. Additionally, the expats are also granted the opportunity to sponsor visas for their dependents on fulfilling specified criteria of minimum salary and accommodation.

Top Attest is a leading company to avail of visa service in Dubai. We have extensive knowledge in assisting individuals to procure a visa or bring in their immediate family, such as children, spouses, or parents, into the UAE. Through consistent support, we help our customers overcome all the stages involved in the visa process, including medical tests, collection of biometric details, visa stamping, and more. Our reliable, timely services aim to simplify the entire process for you through complete assistance in documentation and other formalities.

Our Service Inclusions

Investor Visa

The UAE law governs investments and businesses in free zones or main territory through a well-defined system. If you wish to invest or start a company in the UAE, we can assist you in gaining the investor visa that is valid for three years.

Family Visa

An individual with a valid residence visa is entitled to sponsor his/her immediate family members, on satisfying the specified criteria. We can help you get a family visa in Dubai by guiding and assisting you with all the formalities involved.

Employment Visa

To avoid any legal complication, a valid employment visa is essential for an individual to work with any company. The employers need to fulfill all the documentation and visa process for the employee.

Tourist Visa

Being one of the world’s spectacular places, the UAE offers tourist visas valid for 30 or 90 days. We are experienced in helping various nationals get tourist visas through sponsorship from reliable UAE airline, hotel, or tour operators.

Transit Visa

Individuals flying through the UAE require a valid transit visa. We are always ready to help you get a transit visa that’s valid for 48 hours or 96 hours. These visas are non-extendable.

Visit Visa

If you wish to bring your loved ones for a while to the UAE, we are here to help you accomplish that. Our expert team offers complete support in getting a visit visa by performing all the documentation and application submission at GDRFA.

Student Visa

A student visa permits entry to individuals aspiring to study at any colleges and universities in the UAE. We can assist you in getting this one-year renewable visa with easy documentation in a hassle-free manner.

Why Choose Top Attest

Top Attest has established to be a leading visa service provider in Dubai. Through our prolonged service, we have gained expert knowledge about the various legalities involved in visa processing. We stand-out in the market for the following reasons:

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    A qualified and expert team.
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    Persistent visa assistance.
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    Tailor-made service for customers.
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    Safe and confidential handling of documents.
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