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Power of Attorney is another significant document that often requires to be attested for various formal reasons. A Power of Attorney is that document that bestows on one the power to take over the role and power of another individual on their behalf in matters pertaining to vital decision-making, signing authority, buying or selling or materials or any kind of assets or even for financial transactions.

A document of this sort that has originated in a foreign country may not be officially recognised by a court in the U.A.E, unless attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.A.E. The attestation of a Power of Attorney usually goes through the following stages:

  1. Collect the following documents at the customer’s premises
  • The original Power of Attorney and its photocopies
  • The original ID documents
  • Proof of residence
  • List of partners’ names
  1. Get the Power of Attorney signed before a Notary Public, the country of document’s origin
  2. Attest the document at the Ministry of Foreign/ External Affairs, the home country
  3. Pass it through the U.A.E Embassy or consulate in the home country for further verification and signature
  4. As the document arrives back in the U.A.E, that would be taken to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for final verification and legalization.
  5. The document thus obtained shall undergo a legal translation to Arabic by a partnered legal translators recognized by the Ministry of Justice, U.A.E
  6. This shall be further sent to the Ministry of Justice, U.A.E, which concludes the process of attestation.

Our experts shall be able to offer you a better overview of the process, which might go through subtle variations, depending on the country and the specific circumstances. Hence, we highly recommend you to do so and get their advice before you proceed with the attestation of any document of this sort.

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