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 As we are aware of, medical certificates are those documents issued by the authorized medical practitioners and the relevant bodies to authenticate the status of one’s physical fitness and health, particularly as a proof to any condition of illness that might have kept an individual off work or other commitments. Medical Certificates are essential to claim any health related benefits like:

  • To claim the due medical insurance covers
  • To claim other medical or healthcare related benefits from the employer or the government
  • To be able to request for extension on leave of absence from work or other commitments from the employer or other entities

However, if a medical certificate issued in one country is to be used in another country, it requires to be attested by the respective authorities, which in turn needs it to be passed through the relevant foreign offices and other authorities to gain the essential signs and stamps and to have them attested and legalized for use elsewhere.

As experts in the process, we at Top Attest help you get the certificates traverse through the various stages in the process and have them handed over to you, reducing the toil of taking them through the various offices for their authentications, thereby making it as easy as collecting and delivering them to you within a period of a few days. The various stages in the process are as follows:-

  1. Collect the following documents at the customers’ premises
  • The original medical certificate
  • Two photographs of the certificate holder
  • Passport copy of the certificate holder
  1. Forward them to the following offices in sequence through our partners world over for their scrutiny and subsequent attestations:-
  • The concerned home department in the country where the certificate was issued
  • Ministry of External Affairs in the country of certificate’s origin
  • UAE Embassy or Consulate in the country of certificate’s origin
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.A.E

As per our standard norms, the certificate thus attested shall be duly delivered to the address you choose, on one of our modes of services (Regular, Premium or Express). As you may have further questions and ambiguities about the documents and the processes depending on your specific requirements, it’s always advisable to seek the guidance of one of our experts over the phone, chat, email or in person.

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