UK Certificate Attestation for UAE

/UK Certificate Attestation for UAE

As British nationals form a significant part of the UAE population, UK certificate attestation is a highly demanded service. UK degree is also a prominent education pursued by many either directly from the country or through British curriculum-based schools and universities worldwide. However, despite the internationally acclaimed value of the degree, the UK certificates require legalization through attestation for using it in the UAE. Top Attest is a reputable provider of UK certificate attestation services in Dubai. Our team is highly experienced in handling different scenarios, be it a UK national or a foreigner with UK educational qualification in the UAE.

UK certificate attestation may be required for various UAE legal processes such as employment, education, business, sponsoring dependents, and acquiring legal documents such as visas, legal IDs, and licenses. Our skilled professionals are adept at providing excellent assistance to the customers right from document collection to delivery. You can choose from our different service schemes as per your various requirements. Through our highly monitored attestation service, you can check your document’s status anytime using the unique tracking number provided to you.

Our Service Inclusions

With extensive knowledge from various legal sectors, we offer accurate translation of the following UK documents:

Academic Certificates

  • Degree Certificates
    School Certificates.
  • Medial Certificates
    University Certificates.
  • Diploma Certificates
    Training & Industrial Certificates.
  • Death Certificates
    Vocational Qualification Certificates.

Personal Documents

  • Birth Certificates
    Birth Certificates.
  • Marriage Certificates
    Marriage Certificates.
  • Employment Certificates
    Death Certificates.
  • Medial Certificates
    Medical Certificates.

Commercial Documents

  • When Changing the Name
    Company Documents.
  • Death Certificates
    Power of Attorney.
  • null
    Police Clearance Certificates.

British Document Attestation Process

The UK certificate attestation process is complex and involves the following four steps at British and the UAE legal authorities:

Verification and authentication by a Solicitor, U.K

Apostille by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the U.K

Attestation at the U.A.E Embassy, London, U.K

Final attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.A.E

Why Choose Top Attest

Free Pick Up and Delivery

You can be sure of a hassle-free attestation of your UK documents through our free of cost document collection and delivery at your doorstep.

Affordable Rates

We have priced our services reasonably in order to offer reliable attestation of your documents at highly competitive rates in the UAE.

Fast & Secure

For ensuring a smooth completion of any legal process, we provide timely delivery of UK certificate attestation with immense care.

Quality Service

With long industry experience, we ensure high-quality attestation of UK documents by following the standardized procedure.

UK Certificate Attestation – FAQ

Which documents need to be submitted for UK certificate attestation?

We will need original copies of the documents to be attested and a passport copy of the person. However, you may also confirm the requirements as per your document with our experts.

Why should I attest my UK certificate?

The UAE law demands the attestation of the certificates to verify its credibility for using it in the country.

What is the first step to start UK certificate attestation?

You can first contact us to clear all your queries and then fix an appointment for document collection or send it to us to begin the process.

What is the process of UK document attestation?

After you send the documents, it will be sent to the concerned UK authorities for certification. Then the documents are returned to the UAE for attestation from MOFA.

Will I be able to track my document during the attestation process?

Yes absolutely! You will be provided a tracking number using which you will be able to track your document’s current status at all the stages.

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