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Dubai and the UAE have consistently made headlines as a sought-after destination, attracting numerous celebrities who choose to relocate. The UAE’s diverse workforce comprises a significant proportion of expatriates from various nations, including a notable percentage of Indians and Pakistanis. In fact, British Citizens make up 20%of expatriates in the UAE. Following the COVID pandemic, more and more Brits are opting to move to the UAE, enticed by factors such as an exceptional quality of life, abundant global business and employment opportunities, tax-free advantages, and a secure environment for families. As migration from the UK continues to rise, so does the demand for UK certificate attestation services.

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What Does UK Certificate Attestation Entail?

UK certificate attestation is a process that involves the authentication and legalization of UK-issued documents to make them legally valid and recognized in another country, such as the United Arab Emirates (UAE). The attestation procedure ensures that the certificates or documents are genuine, credible, and comply with the legal requirements of the destination country.

Significance of UK Certificate Attestation in the UAE

UK certificate attestation is a crucial process that is presented to enhance the authenticity of UK documents, which are required for various purposes. These purposes can include employment, higher education, visa applications, business setup, legal proceedings, or any other official transactions requiring the submission of UK certificates.

UK degree attestation for the UAE holds significant importance for individuals who wish to use their UK educational qualifications in the UAE. The UAE has specific regulations in place that require individuals to attest their educational certificates, including degrees, for various purposes such as employment, higher education, or professional licensing.

Certificate attestation is required in the UAE for several reasons, including:

    • Legal Compliance: Attesting UK certificates ensures that they meet legal standards and are in compliance with the UAE’s laws and regulations
    • Verification of Authenticity: It assures the UAE authorities, employers, educational institutions, and other relevant entities that the documents are legitimate and issued by the appropriate UK authorities
    • Recognition And Acceptance: Attested UK certificates are recognized and accepted by the UAE government, organizations, and institutions
    • Consistency And Standardization: By requiring UK certificate attestation, the UAE ensures a consistent and standardized approach to evaluating foreign documents. It helps maintain the integrity of the processes and safeguards against the use of fraudulent certificates.
    • Security and Fraud Prevention: Attestation acts as a safeguard against document fraud. It establishes a trail of verification and authentication.
    • Establishing Trust: Attested UK certificates build trust between individuals, employers, educational institutions, and government authorities in the UAE. It provides confidence in the accuracy and legitimacy of the presented qualifications or information.


Types of UK Certificates That Require Attestation

Various types of UK certificates require attestation when being used in the UAE. The requirement for specific types of certificates can vary based on the purpose. With extensive knowledge from various legal sectors, we offer accurate legalisation of the following UK documents:

Academic Certificates

  • Degree Certificates
    School Certificates
  • Medial Certificates
    University Certificates
  • Diploma Certificates
    Training & Industrial Certificates
  • Death Certificates
    Vocational Qualification Certificates

Personal Documents

  • Birth Certificates
    Birth Certificates.
  • Marriage Certificates
    Marriage Certificates
  • Employment Certificates
    Death Certificates
  • Medial Certificates
    Medical Certificates

Commercial Documents

  • When Changing the Name
    Company Documents
  • Death Certificates
    Power of Attorney
  • null
    Police Clearance Certificates

Steps by Step Process of UK Certificate Attestation

The UK certificate attestation process for use in the UAE typically involves several sequential steps. While the exact requirements and procedures may vary depending on the specific document and attestation service provider, here is a general step-by-step guide:


Verification and authentication by a Solicitor, U.K

Apostille by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in the U.K

Attestation at the U.A.E Embassy, London, U.K

Final attestation at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, U.A.E

Why Choose Top Attest?

Despite the fact that UK certificates are internationally accredited, MOFA attestation and visa are mandatory in UAE. UAE Government has authorised some firms to provide UK attestation services in UAE, to save the time of ex-pats.

Top Attest is the most recommended and trusted attestation service provider in Dubai, authorised by the UAE Government. We provide reliable attestation services in Dubai with less turnaround time. Our team of highly experienced attestation professionals, translators, and advocates can handle any scenario in minimal downtime. Attestation of documents boosts your credibility and is beneficial for employment, business, sponsoring, buying or renting properties, legal purposes, etc., Our enthusiastic team caters to outstanding services to our clients from pick-up to delivery of documents.

Our ability to provide exceptional service and maintain top-notch security measures has enabled us to build a vast customer base from various countries. You can choose from our service schemes as per your requirements. Additionally, you can check the document status anytime using the unique tracking number provided to you.

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You can be sure of a hassle-free attestation of your UK documents through our free-of-cost document collection and delivery at your doorstep.

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Affordable Rates

We have priced our services reasonably in order to offer reliable attestation of your documents at highly competitive rates in the UAE.

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For ensuring a smooth completion of any legal process, we provide timely delivery of UK certificate attestation with immense care.

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With long industry experience, we ensure high-quality attestation of UK documents by following the standardized procedure.

UK Certificate Attestation – FAQ

Which documents need to be submitted for UK certificate attestation?

Original copies of the documents to be attested and the passport copy of the person. However, you may also confirm the requirements as per your document with our experts.

What is the first step to start UK certificate attestation?

Contact an authorised attestation service provider to clear all your queries and then fix an appointment for document collection or send them to begin the process.

Will I be able to track my document during the attestation process?

Yes absolutely! You will be provided a tracking number using which you will be able to track your document’s current status at all the stages.

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