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As we are aware of, the U.A.E and the GCC as a whole have been hosting a diverse population of expatriates from all over the world for decades now. Thus, the cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Doha, Muscat and more have become global cities with a diverse culture and trade and commerce that appeal and cater to the world as a whole. However, as residents, people from these countries are meant to produce several of their academic, professional, personal or commercial documents before the different public bodies in the region for reasons like attaining the appropriate designations on their visas, hosting dependants, setting up businesses etc. Since the U.A.E and GCC do not accept these documents in their original forms to ensure their credibility, these documents are supposed to undergo a comprehensive process of attestation and legalization with the various foreign offices located in the countries of their origin as well as in the GCC, before they are ready for local acknowledgement.

We at Top Attest have incorporated over 100 different countries and their documents under the list of our services, which may be expanded even further subject to popular demands. We pride ourselves in possessing a team of experts who can concisely brief you about the requirements and the procedures for all your documents from across the world and their varying requirements based on the rules and regulations of each of these countries. They would subsequently deal with your requests based on their knowhow. Furthermore, we have the right support system and are entitled to the due assistance and the services from our partners in all these countries, who may handle the various stages of these processes there on our behalf.

The requirements and the scenarios associated with each one of these documents may vary and our role is to ensure that we channelize your requirement through the precise process, eliminating any deal of hassles or red tapes that you might otherwise go through. From our customers’ point of view, we operate on a collect, process and deliver model, on one of the modes of our services-namely Regular, Premium and Express, as you choose it. We ensure that we offer you the most cost efficient deals and that your documents are safely and securely handled throughout the process. You shall be issued a tracking number to track the status of your document right from the moment they have been handed in to us. Thus, we strive to ensure that we are most sought after name in the discipline and that we are the most flexible and reliable name in the discipline.

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