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UK degree attestation for the UAE

If you are planning to move from the UK to UAE for job purposes, business setup, bringing your family for the long term, or investing in property. Then, obtaining a certificate attestation is mandatory for a stress-free legal process, whether for visa purposes or another reason. And, here we aim to guide you through all types of UK document attestation to use in the UAE.

UK degree attestation for the UAE

UK degree attestation for the UAE This procedure confirms the rightfulness and authenticity of a degree certificate issued in the UK. This process demands verification by relevant authorities in the UK as well as in the UAE. The motive is to ensure that the degree certificate is acknowledged and recognized as genuine for official or administrative functions in the UAE. Requirements and procedures for UK degree attestation may vary depending on the destination country and intended use. The UK attestation includes steps like notarization, retrieving an apostille, and attestation by the UAE embassy and the Mofa attestation in Dubai.

Is UK Degree Attestation obligatory for a UAE visa?

UK degree attestation is mandatory for a UAE employment visa. The process evaluates the degree of validation through the agencies of the UK government. Attestation guarantees the applicant meets educational job requirements. Failure to provide an attested degree can lead to visa rejection or delay.

Process of UK Certificate Attestation in Dubai

The attestation process of UK certificates generally includes several steps to guarantee the validation and legitimacy of the document. Here we provide you a general overview of the whole procedure:

  1. Notarization of the documents –
    Initially, a legal representative or a notary public in the UK attests to your original UK certificate. The notary will evaluate the document’s genuineness and attach a notarial seal.
  2. Legalization of the concerned documents-
    After attestation of the document, you need to legalize the Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) in the UK. After which, the FCO will attach an apostille to the document, certifying its legitimacy.
  3. Attestation by the UAE Embassy-
    After the legalization of the requisite document by the FCO, you should submit the certificates along with any vital forms and fees to the UAE Embassy in the UK for attestation. Later, the embassy will verify the document and affix their attestation stamp or seal.
  4. Attestation by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA)-
    Once the UAE Embassy verifies the document, the next step is to get the document attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Finally, The MOFA will review the document and affix their attestation stamp or seal.
  5. Translation-
    If your document is not in English or Arabic, then you need to get it translated into Arabic by a certified translator.

Services offered by the UK Embassy in Dubai for British Nationals

  • The UK Embassy in Dubai cannot recommend inter-country adoption procedures; however, can grant a letter of no objection upon request.
  • Information regarding marriage-related documents, such as affidavits of marital status, can be found on the UK Embassy’s website.
  • British nationals who must provide the UAE authorities with a British ID card as proof of identity can request a visa recommendation letter.
  • The UK Embassy in Dubai will no longer issue “No Objection Letters” for British nationals sponsoring their relatives.

Why is UK certificate attestation required for the UAE?

In the context of the UK, document attestation is required for various reasons, which includes –

  1. Educational Purposes: To pursue higher education in a foreign country, the educational certificates issued in the UK may need to be notarised to verify their authenticity.
  2. Professional Courses: Documents from professional courses or vocational training programs may also require attestation for recognition in another country.
  3. Employment Purposes: For employment in a foreign country, employers may require attested copies of your educational and professional Business and Commercial Activities:
  4. Legal and Migration Processes: When applying for immigration, authorities may require attested documents to verify your qualifications and background.
  5. Personal and Family Matters: Attested documents may be required for registration of marriage in a foreign country.

Attestation of UK degrees and other documents for use in the UAE is a significant step for many individuals and professionals. However, one can navigate this process with ease and confidence, knowing that documents will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

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