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Why Birth Certificate Attestation is Essential for Legal and Administrative Purposes in Dubai

  A large percentage of the workforce in UAE is ex-pats and to prove authenticity, the attested birth certificate is presented. Birth certificate attestation is mandatory for foreign individuals for legal and administrative purposes in Dubai. Whether it’s for visa applications, educational enrollments, or family sponsorships, the attestation of birth certificates ensures their validity and authenticity. This blog will delve into the significance of birth certificate attestation in Dubai

birth certificate attestation

What are the different situation a birth certificate attestation is required for an Ex-pat?

Many are moving to UAE owing to the plethora of exciting and exclusive factors that welcomes ex-pats around the globe. A large percentage of ex-pats in UAE include Indians and Pakistanis. It is worth living in UAE and experiencing different cultures. A large percentage move to Dubai for employment and commercial purposes since Dubai is a Global hub for commercial purposes. MOFA attestation in Dubai is an important criterion to get permitted to UAE

Education in UAE for expats: All Information You Require

The most challenging and important concern for parents when moving overseas is always the education of their kids. Majority of expats in UAE wish to bring up their families owing to the great habitat and sophisticated educational system. Additionally, one of the most important criteria to get admitted to schools is to have MOFA attestation for birth certificate. It is a difficult decision to become an expat. Being an expat parent in the UAE

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