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Attestation of documents and certificates are essential to legalise your presence in a foreign land. It is the confirmation of being genuine and helps you get an employment visa, family visa, trade visa and many more.

The documents required for attestation is based on the purpose of the attestation. If you wish to get an employment visa, then the attestation is required for the certificates of educational qualification. The only criteria are to have original documents to be submitted for attestation?

Attestation services can be for personal documents like birth certificates, marriage certificates, Experience certificates, medical certificates, death certificates, degree certificates, diploma certificates and commercial documents too.

Top Attest offers various services like the attestation of documents, PCC, PRO, apostille, visa service and legal translation. The services offered are transparent and reliable.

Apostille is the process of affixation of the documents or certificates by the competent authorities of the government in a country. The country should be included in the Hague convention 1961. The country member of the Hague convention is acceptable in all the signatory countries of the convention.

The process of attestation begins with the sealing and signing of the local body, Ministry of Foreign affairs of the home country, UAE embassy of the home country and final step ministry of foreign affairs in UAE.

Attestation of documents is done with the original documents. The verification is completed with it.

Most of the documents are now laminated to ensure safety. We will try to unmask the lamination safely and use the documents. But after the attestation we recommends don’t laminate the certificate.

Attestation of documents is to ensure the authenticity of the document holder. The apostilles are the affixation of the documents. When one ensures the genuine aspect the other ensures legalisation by the required authority.

We offer various modes of contact. The live chat option and online tracking help you understand the state of your application. Our services escape you from all dilemmas.

The attestation of documents and certificates require adequate timing to finish. It can even go longer depending on the nature of the document. But we ensure that the attestation services will be made simple and done on a timeline.

The only promise we provide to the customers is our staunch service. We have a proficient team of experts in handling the services. Every procedure is done systematically and well organised. The possible mishaps are purposefully evaded and documents are protected.

We have ample experience in the field of attestation and help you clear all doubts. The attestation of the documents is done effectively and the hassle-free service reaches you. You are saved from the time-consuming procedure and everything is done swiftly meeting your requirements.

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