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Marriage is an important bond in the life of all individuals who give importance to family and its perspective. Dubai is a place where the majority of businessmen and employees are ex-pats and 70% bring their family. Attestation of a marriage certificate is relevant in this situation. In Dubai, a spouse visa or family visa is provided for those with a marriage certificate. The processes for obtaining a marriage certificate in Dubai and the UAE have changed and updated throughout time. We will examine the most recent advancements in marriage certificate attestation in Dubai in this post.

Understanding Marriage Certificate Attestation

One of the most important steps in confirming a marriage’s trust in the UAE is by attesting to the marriage certificate. This procedure entails the marriage certificate being verified by the MOFA, granting it legal recognition and acceptance in the UAE. It is performed to prevent fraud and deception is the goal and empowers marriage certificates in the nation.

Latest Updates and Changes

  1. Digital Attestation Services: The UAE has recently introduced digital attestation services making the entire process faster and more convenient. You can now submit your marriage certificate for attestation online through a secure portal. This eliminates the need for physical visits to government offices, saving time and effort.
  2. Mobile App: The government has released a specific mobile application that enables people to follow the development of their validation application in real-time. For a flawless experience, this app offers notifications, updates, and a user-friendly interface.
  3. E-Attestation: In alignment with the digital age, the UAE now accepts electronically attested marriage certificates. This means that the marriage certificate can be sent and received through email, reducing paperwork and simplifying the process.
  4. Attestation Centres:The UAE has increased the number of attestation facilities around the nation to improve accessibility for both locals and foreign visitors. Marriage certificates are among the many document attestation services provided by these centres.
  5. Faster Processing: Additionally, one of the most important feature of latest updation is the quick processing of marriage certificate attestation. Earlier, it used to take weeks can now be completed in a matter of days. Finally, this is one of the most happiest updation for couples and kids who got separation while migration.
  6. Translation Services: Moreover, in UAE certificates in English or Arabic are only accepted and other language certificate should be translated. The UAE now offers certified translation services to ensure that the marriage certificate is in Arabic or English, as per the requirement.
  7. Document Verification: The UAE has strengthened the verification process, ensuring that the submitted documents are genuine. This is done to prevent any fraudulent activities related to marriage certificate attestation.

The Importance of Marriage Certificate Attestation

Marriage certificate attestation serves several vital purposes:

Legal Recognition: It ensures that your marriage is legally recognized in the UAE or any other foreign country. This is crucial for various legal and social purposes, including immigration and family matters.

Visa Application: If you plan to bring your spouse to the UAE or want to sponsor their visa, attested marriage certificates are a prerequisite. It demonstrates the authenticity of your marital status.

Inheritance and Property Rights: Attested marriage certificates are required when dealing with inheritance, property rights, and financial matters within the UAE.

Children’s Documentation: If you have children, attested marriage certificates are essential for their birth registration and to establish their legal status in the UAE.

The latest updates and changes in marriage certificate attestation in UAE and Dubai reflect the government’s commitment to providing efficient and user-friendly services. These advancements not only simplify the process but also enhance the overall experience for couples seeking to get their marriage certificates attested. 

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