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Academic Certificates

Being a haven for migrant workers from around the world, UAE requires its labourers to produce their attested degree, diploma, school certificates or other educational certificates to their employers as a primary step to process their employment contracts and visas, to verify their credibility as skilled workers. However, most of them are more likely to hold foreign certificates and not every expat may have their certificates attested upfront and might require to go through a long process of having them verified and authenticated by multiple bodies in the UAE and the country of their origins. This might involve these documents being officially verified by the designated authorities at the various offices locally and abroad, which get multiple stamps and cost a certain amount of money at each one of those destinations, consuming considerable amount of time.

Degree Certificates

Diploma Certificates

Civil Registrations

As residents of the UAE, people are bound to legitimise their various civil certificates for local recognition. These are the fundamental documents that substantiate the biographical information of a person. These documents may be required for numerous different reasons related to one’s residency and to pursue other basic amenities during the stay in the country like procuring a dependent visa, to meet conditions in jobs, in tenancy, entrepreneurship, admission to educational institutions, financial provisions, visa application to a foreign country etc.

Birth Certificate

Marriage Certificate

Death Certificate

Singleness Certificate

Divorce Certificate

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